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Private broadcaster MTV3 News reaches approximately 80 percent of the Finnish population with its channels. For people under the age of 55, it is the preferred news channel in Finland. As part of a move over to HD content, the broadcaster decided to convert their studio lighting to LED technology. “We tested a number of other manufacturers’ products and eventually decided in favor of Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand,” explains Visual Director Johannes Kantelinen. MTV3 chose the Sola 6 Fresnel LED lights and three models of the 1×1 LED production light: Mono Flood, Bi-Focus and Low-Profile Flood. Johannes Kantelinen had high expectations for the new lighting system and the final result was even better than expected.

A major part of this project was the modernization of the 100 m2 studio used for the beloved morning show “Huomenta Suomi” (“Good Morning Finland”) in Hel-sinki. First broadcast in 1989, this show is now the oldest morning show in northern Europe and the team broadcasts live every day for four hours. Host Lauri Karhuvaara is absolutely delighted with the new studio lights: “I’ve been doing this job for 15 years. Now, every day is like Christmas for me! After three hours of broadcasting live, it used to get really warm in the studio. Doing interviews is now much more comfortable. Even the Finnish Prime Minister noticed the difference. Low heat generation and the soft light are the most important advantages for me.”

Perfect combination of Fresnel and LED technology: the Sola 6
Altogether, 24 Sola 6 LED Fresnel lights with 6 inch (15.24 cm) Fresnel lenses now provide HD-friendly lighting in the morning show studio and the 36 m2 news studio. Johannes Kantelinen reports: “The new lighting is brilliant and flattering for our news anchors. Even the studio furnishings now appear fresher on the screen.” The proprietary Litepanels LEDs produce a bright and soft 5600°K daylight, the hallmark of Litepanels products. In addition, the Sola 6 consumes only about a sixth of the energy of a conventional 650 Watt tungsten spot. The light also focuses from 70 to 10 degrees and provides the control and single shadow characteristics that are key elements of Fresnel lights. Like all Litepanels fixtures, the Sola 6 can be dimmed from 100 percent to 0 without producing a visible change in color temperature. Both focusing and brightness can also be controlled via DMX, making them an ideal choice for a studio environment.

A model for every situation: the 1×1
The classic Litepanels 1×1 fixture is available in a variety of different models to suit every requirement. Lighting director Tero Rantanen chose 30 1×1 Standard Flood lights, 20 1×1 Bi-Focus lights and 15 1×1 Low-Profile lights, all producing 5600°K daylight. “The camera loves the color temperature,” he says. In addition, the economic and ecological benefits have been critical. “Our energy consumption has been significantly reduced. Overall, I am more than satisfied.” Johannes Kantelinen adds: “A further advantage for us is that the new lighting is compatible with the infrared-technology of our screens. With the daylight, the monitors stay nice and bright. Our 85- and 67-inch touch screens for the weather report and other graphics as well as the 57-inch LCD monitor for our live broadcasts in the news studio look great during broadcasting!”

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When DP Johnnie Behiri isn’t working as a freelance cameraman for the BBC, he films documentaries, music videos and video content for broadcasters and other respected customers. He also works as a consultant on the development of new products for leading companies in the broadcasting industry. For his new documentary project entitled Just Ballet, Behiri also worked as a co-producer together with one of Austria’s leading production houses, the Viennese based SEVEN film and post production company. As part of this project the 1×1 LED lights from Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, were used by Behiri as a versatile source of lighting for demanding shots.

In total, Behiri spent a year working on the two 56-minute parts of the documentary about a unique ballet class from the Vienna State Opera Ballet School. Behiri filmed eight dancers between the ages of 14 and 15 years old during rehearsals, performances and interviews. He even accompanied some of the young dancers to Romania and Japan. “To get the most authentic footage possible, I wanted to be as close to the ballet students, their teachers and families as possible,” says Behiri. “When it came to equipment, I kept my set-up to a minimum so I would always have mobility and flexibility and not be in the dancers’ way.”

Professional Equipment for aesthetic shots
A Canon EOS 7D on a Sachtler DV8 SB tripod system and the Litepanels 1×1 fixture made up the basic equipment, which was only supplemented by some accessories. The choice of lighting was especially important to Behiri as most of the filming took place in ballet studios with plain white walls. “This was indeed a challenge because it would have disturbed the girls’ routine and their behavior would not have appeared authentic if the ballet studios had been completely lit,” says Behiri. “The combination of modern HD-DSLR film equipment and the versatile 1×1 enabled me to create the shots without exaggeration and to portray the protagonists in a very personal way.”

One light – many uses
“The 1×1 is versatile. I used it when shooting interviews, to film the girls while dancing or to emphasize room details,” says Behiri. “The light was often used as a direct light. However, it was also used with the filters included in the kit to adjust the color temperature or to spread the light. Independent of what the lighting conditions were like in the room and how much natural light came in from outside, I used the 1×1 as a key light, fill light or background light.” Throughout, the quality of light consistently met Behiri’s high demands. “The new possibilities created by filming in HD-quality have influenced the audience and the demands on the pictures are extremely high. Litepanels has moved with these developments and is consistently improving the lighting technology. Litepanels lights provide bright, flicker-free lighting without the annoying side effects of traditional lights,” emphasizes Behiri. “Hot lighting, which makes the interview subject sweat, is just no longer an issue.”

User-friendly and robust
Behiri also appreciates the characteristics of robustness and durability: “The 1×1 has traveled with me around the world for more than four years, and I always know the LEDs will work.” The option of switching the lights to battery operation if required is priceless in the eyes of the experienced camera operator. “I have frequently used this feature during difficult filming conditions and in doing so profited from an all-round dependable lighting source,” remembers Behiri. The slim form also makes it easy to transport the light.

“With this unique project, Litepanels has directly influenced my way of working,” explains Behiri. “A project begins long before one presses the record button. With the 1×1 fixture, I don’t have to think about whether the equipment will weigh my luggage down too much or whether the light will survive the trip. I also know I can quickly assemble it on the set. And the most important thing is that it contributes to great footage – giving me exactly the look I want.”

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