Black Chooses iPro to Capture Social Media Promos for Major LA Radio Station

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Schneider Optics’ iPro Lens System for the iPhone’s built-in camera is catching on for a variety of productions. Cody Black, the digital media coordinator for a major Los Angeles radio station is one of the system’s biggest fans. He finds that the iPro Fisheye and Wide Angle lenses that attach quickly to his iPhone allow him to “capture unique looks that separate our content from the industry standard.”

Black runs the station’s social media sites and is responsible for creating content which includes photographs and video shows, artist interviews and more for the cutting-edge rock station. “The iPro System allows me to take quality photos and videos without lugging around a bulky camera and lens. It’s great for capturing an entire band when taking photos from the foot of the stage. I also like the artistic look it gives the shots.

“We try to differentiate the way we offer our digital content and the iPro lenses allow us to do just that. Whether it’s a different style of photo with the Wide Angle lens or a cool video shot with the Fisheye, it allows us to deliver our content to consumers in a different, stylistic way.”

Black now carries the iPro Lens System wherever he goes. The two lenses conveniently tuck into a case that doubles as a handle, which he says helps “improve the steadiness of the shot.” If needed, Black can use the ¼-20” thread adapter to mount the system on a tripod or monopod for professional-style versatility. The Wide Angle lens quickly bayonet mounts on to increase the iPhone’s field-of-view by 35 percent, without losing light or effecting sharpness. When he wants a super-wide wow-‘em barrel distortion effect, he uses the Fisheye to alter the field-of-view by a dramatic 165 degrees.

“Our photos are typically uploaded to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and some of the material ends up on the station’s website as well,” Black explains. “The shots usually promote an event or offers our fans a look at the inner-workings of a show that they normally wouldn’t be able to see. And, because of the iPro System, what they see is quite different from other posts.”

The Schneider Optics iPro Lens System features an integral case and handle which houses the Wide Angle and Fisheye professional optical quality glass lenses. A third optic, the 2X Tele will be available this spring.

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