Visual Imaging News For Professional Filmmakers 2014-11-26T03:39:35Z WordPress admin <![CDATA[McGill University’s Schulich School Students Tackle Loudness Control with RTW TM3 TouchMonitor]]> 2014-11-25T05:51:36Z 2014-11-25T05:51:36Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[Light Iron and Quantel go 6K for Gone Girl]]> 2014-11-26T03:39:35Z 2014-11-12T03:37:21Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[Sound Devices 970 Audio Recorder Earns NAMM TEC Award Nomination]]> 2014-11-25T05:57:05Z 2014-11-05T05:54:54Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[Zylight F8 LED Fresnel Delivers on Oregon Trail for Ken Willinger, SOC]]> 2014-11-25T05:43:30Z 2014-10-30T05:41:53Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[MILLER FLUID HEADS (EUROPE) LTD. TAKES CHARGE WITH ITS CINELINE 70 FLUID HEAD AT SATIS 2014]]> 2014-10-29T02:02:38Z 2014-10-29T02:02:38Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[Documentary Editors Rock ‘Filmage’ Post Production with AJA Io XT]]> 2014-10-29T00:29:51Z 2014-10-29T00:29:51Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[Pablo takes Digital Jungle to ‘A Better Place’]]> 2014-11-25T05:44:36Z 2014-10-28T05:34:03Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[FOR-A Brings Switchers, Multi-viewers, Encoding/Decoding, and Signal Processing Solutions to CAPER 2014]]> 2014-10-22T19:51:15Z 2014-10-22T19:51:15Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[KBZK And KXLF Replace Microwave Truck With JVC GY-HM650 ProHD Mobile News Cameras]]> 2014-10-22T02:30:51Z 2014-10-22T02:30:51Z Read More]]> 0 admin <![CDATA[Miller Camera Support Equipment Keeps A Firm Grip Inside The Fiery Furies Of The Ambrym Volcano]]> 2014-10-22T02:28:53Z 2014-10-22T02:28:53Z Read More]]> 0